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#StandWithUkraine we are currently
focusing all efforts on the ground in
Ukraine providing medical supplies,
housing support, protective and
safety supplies

Maydays efforts push us to be one of the first on the
ground providing humanitarian aid for citizens and

Medical Supplies

Hygiene Kits, survival blankets, bleeding control kits, wound care and supplies

safety supplies

Ballistic protection, technical textiles and safety supplies for volunteers and troops

housing support

Helping displaced families and refugees with housing

As a Ukrainian born American Citizen I have been fortunate to have had the chance to come to America and live the American Dream. Today I get to do something for my native country, Ukraine, Today I get to help in ways I could have never thought possible and never thought would be needed.

Currently the hardest thing is to ensure products are delivered as quickly as possible and that logistics are managed.  Because of our unique position Mayday is on the ground in Poland and Ukraine helping provide much needed products, medical supplies and protective equipment to Civilians, Volunteers and Ukrainian troops.

We are seeking donations to help secure products that we are delivering and handing out in Ukraine.


Who are these items going to?
All items are going directly to Ukrainian troops, citizens and aid workers through our trusted partners on the ground in Ukraine.  We have worked hard to ensure secure transportation and transfer with trusted sources to ensure that all items will get to those who need them.

How fast will they get there?

Due to logistic constraints all items being shipped must go through Poland and shipments will be going out daily.

How much should I donate?

All proceeds help, do what you can, for guidance here is a rough idea of what different donations can do:

  • $25 supplies essential hygiene kits as well as emergency medical kits for a family
  • $150 supplies a family with emergency medical and safety supplies
  • $500 helps a volunteer or solider on the ground with medical kits, protective and safety supplies
  • $1,000 helps up to 3 volunteers or soldiers on the ground with medical kits, protective and safety supplies

Protective equipment includes body armor (plate carriers and ballistic plates), medical trauma kits/bleed kits and helmets.

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